Love my new bunny!

Just got my one of a kind hand cut plywood bunny by the amazing artist Max Neutra! We were so excited when he made more of this a few months ago!Bunny3MaxNeutra For some reason the website would not let me send it to Norway, this was fixed quite fast but I was super worried that someone would buy my favorite that I had it shipped to my friend in Texas, (Thank you Anette!) and she sent it to me. It arrived a few days ago and it is awesome! Super happy with it, and I’m very happy about my choice of bunny!

This time Max Neutra made some brown and some white bunny’s but he has made yellow, blue and multicolored as well before. Most are of a single bunny but some come in pairs and all are unique! They are rigged to either stand by itself via a built in kickstand, or to be mounted flat on a wall. Each is signed and dated on the back.

It was definitely worth the wait and it made it in time to play the easter bunny! If you want one for yourself there are 3 left as I’m wrighting and you can buy them here: :)


A foggy picture


This is a picture taken in the beginning of November on a day trip we took to Hankø. That time og year we usually have a lot of snow but this winter we are still waiting, wondering why all our snow seems to be in New York…
It’s not a very fancy picture, just a little fishing hut on a rock in the sea, all covered in fog, blurring the line between the sea and the sky.

My summer 2013!

Well, what to say?

Most of my summer was spent with my leg high after spraining it in the beginning of june and I’m still not able to walk more than 30 minutes at a time before I have to put ice on it. So as you can guess my summer was not the most interesting in the world. Needless to say I spent all my summer in Norway, mostly in Oslo, some at Hankø and 3 days in Vang in Valdres.

Here are some pic’s, taken with my cellphone so sorry about the quality :/

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Hope you guy’s had an awesome summer and are enjoying the autumn :)

Posters, finally framed for you!

Hello world!

Again I’m super slow, got the posters back months ago and just forgot to post it! Might have something to do with the fact that I broke my boyfriends Mac Book (not on purpose, I tripped) and he had the pictures, so I had to look through about a 100 pages in to find them again, so I kept thinking I would do it later, and obviously didn’t. Sorry about that!
I’ll stop saying I’ll be good and blog more, and just promise that I’ll blog if I have something to say. I wont fill my blog with crap just to post something!

Anyway, here are the finished framed posters for you!

For Daniel Danger’s ‘Sanctuary Moon’ print we wanted a simple dark frame, and to bring out the blue we used a blue passepartout between two black ones.


For Ansin’s ‘Thor’ poser we wanted to keep it similar because they are hanging on the same wall, so we used the same frame. Since ‘Thor’ glows in the dark we decided to keep the passepartout to one simple black.

Thor T4xJw42

Mike Mitchell’s ‘Adventure time’ is also hanging on the same wall so we used the same frame, but thicker to fit the comic style of the print, followed by a black passepartout and a blue one with a hand colored core of a lighter blue to match the print perfectly!

f0mN0Qh b17FjV7

On an other wall we have a movie poster from Ken Taylor from the Movie ‘20,000 Leagues under the sea’. Here we went a bit overboard with a stained brass colored frame and inner frame to give it an old navy feel and to pick up the metallic color from the poster.


If you want to know more about each print, I have blog posts up about the 3 first from before. I don’t think I have one up for 20,000 Leagues under the sea’ but if you want me to put one up, just let me know!

That’s it for today!

Enjoy :)


The talented New York rapper Hoodie Allen is out with a new FREE mixtape called ‘Crew Cuts’! It has been out a while but I have been of my blog for some time so this is a better late than never post for all you other slow people out there!

This mixtape has a slightly different feel to it then the other ones, but is still without a doubt Hoodie’s style and a great mixtape as always. My favorites on this mixtape is ‘Let Me Be Me’ and ‘Wave Goodbye (ft. Shwayze)’ at the moment! That’s all the review your going to get from me ‘cos you need to check it out for yourself!

If you never heard of Hoodie Allen before then I recommend that you visit his webpage and download ‘Pep Rally’,  ‘Leap Year’ and the new ‘Crew Cuts’ mixtapes. They are awesome and free so it just can’t get much better than that! If you like it you should support him by actually paying for ‘All American’ on iTunes, it’s a great album, really not that expensive and he gives out free music all the time so he deserves it!

I’m told he puts on some great shows as well so if you are anywhere near one of his shows you should go check it out and give me a comment on it! (Tour dates is on his webpage as well). Fingers crossed for European tour 2013!



Yes, this is what it sounds like! It’s a mug with a tail from the japanese brand kinto. Super cute white matte porcelain mugs in different sizes with the handle made to look like different tail and a silhouette of the animal that belongs to the tail is on the mugs. The inside og the cups are glazed so it will be easy to clean. I don’t know how practical this will be to drink hot beverages from, since the size of the tail are often small, for instance the moose tail is very tiny! The mugs are all in different sizes to match the animal on it so together they give a nice random look. If you don’t like the randomness of that look you can always buy more of one animal.

MugtailIf you like the cups but don’t want or need more drinking mugs you can always use them as candle holders! The animal silhouette is in a thinner layer of porcelain and will stand out in a yellow light when used as a candle holder. Very pretty indeed!

As far as I know it comes 8 different animal, wich are as following: moose, bear, hedgehog, fawn, fox, squirrel, rabbit and cat.

I hope you love them as much as I do! They are definitely on my wish list!


We are watching the most amazing little pug for a week while his mommy is on holiday. He is just the cutest little bundle of cuddle ever!

Enjoy this little lovely pug!


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