I know I said that we didn’t get any summer in Norway this year but I spoke too soon! Last week we had lots and lots of sunshine and even more heat! This was perfect timing because on Sunday it was time for fulgtag! Flugtag is an event by Red Bull (the energy drink) which  literally means “flight day” in German.  If you have never heard of flugtag I bet you are now wondering what this event is? Is it birds? Is it plains? NO! It’s home made, man driven things that you push of a platform, into the sea, with a person on/in it and hopefully it will fly, but usually it does not! The point is more or less to be funny. You don’t really win by flying the longest (usually). The scoring is set by 6 judges, scoring is between 1 and 10, for the categories creativity and show. The show is a 30 second thing the contestants have to do before they jump in the water. The creativity score is set the day before and the show is scored after the jumping/flying so the jump might affect this score, your flight will be added to your score in meters ! So if you are still reading you are probably wondering “how far can they fly?!” and the answer to that is that the previous Norwegian record was 12 meters (a littele bit over 39 feet) which was equaled many times on sunday before someone flew 13 meters! But then the flying furious  flew 17 meters (55,7 feet ish)! And now you might be thinking that wow that’s a long flight, but the flugtag world record is actually 258 feet (78.64 m), set at September 21 in 2013, in Long Beach, California by the team The Chicken Whisperers, and that’s really impressive, you can watch it here!

This years flugtag was held in Bjørvika in Oslo, Norway and we found a great spot on the opera house were we had a good view! With me I had my beautiful friends Vanja and Karina, as you can see in the pictures :)

Take care!

My summer 2015

Summer in Norway this year has been cold and wet. We had a few sunny days every now and then but mostly just rain and wind! And to top it off I 1437213531000left my camera at home as well so sorry for the crappy photos!  This year I had my only trip up to our mountain cabin at Vang in Valdres with the family. It was even colder than in Oslo, with below freezing at night, spots of snow laying around and a day or two were you could wear a t-shirt if you staid out of the wind :P  So here you have a few pictures of my summer, the water is named Helin at Tangaden in Vang, the second is a picture of my in the snow, and the last one is obviously a picture of some cows chilling in the sun that we drove past on our way to Beitostølen, more specifically at Slettefjell. And if you are reading this and you are not from Norway: I’m sorry, I know this sounds like gibberish for you.
IMAG0395Hope you had a lovely summer were ever you spent it!

One of my favorites

il_570xN.792489824_p34jToday I wanted to share with you a new discovery I just made. It’s an etsy shop called Galvanart who makes the most beautiful objects in copper! They take real things and plate them in real copper! Their site says they aim to take beautiful things and make them eternal. This includes orchids, roses, ants, butterflies, leafs and more! In the photo you see a copper plated piece of dill that measures 15cm (6inch) and will according to the maker never fade. So as you might have figured out by now I love copper so I need this in my life. The site says they only have one dill plant, but I’m sure they will make more which will look more or less the same since you can’t get this one as I’m buying it the second after I post this!

If you want to check out this shop you can click here!

Take care everyone!

Hueman artwork!

I have been looking for some new artwork, preferably with a lot of color to spice up my walls, and I found this amazing artist from LA! She recently did hueman-next-afternoon-13x17-1xrun-01a piece as a part of 1xRUN’s Sea Walls Cozumel 2015 featured artists with all the proceeds from the release going towards supporting Pangea Seed’s Sea Walls: Murals for Oceans second annual summer festival in Cozumel, Mexico, along with 29 other artists. You can read more about it and see/buy the other artwork here. The piece made by Hueman is called Next Afternoon and is one of the most beautiful prints I have ever seen. Unfortunately a lot of other people thought so too, and they were sold out before I had the chance to buy one… bummer…  Even though I love this print I’m not to upset about it. This artist have done amazing work before and I’m sure she will make more amazing prints in the future! If you want to see some more of her work check out www.huemannature.com, were you can see some of her studio and street works!

Hope you enjoyed, have a great day!

Copper and marble

copperandmarble1: Vase from Bloomingville in marble. 2: Reflection candle holders in copper from Stelton, designed by Halskov & Dalsgaard. 3: Lup triangle in copper from Hay, designed by Shane Schneck. 4: Marble candle holder from A2, designed by Sara Larsson. It comes with 3 mini glass tubes so you can chose if you want flowers or tall candles. 5: Jar in copper and marble my Bloomingville. 6: Bimble in copper by Hoptimist. This is the female hoptimist, the male is calles Bumble, and they come in more or less every color in the world, metallic’s and even wood. They also come in different themes! Oh, and they hop, that’s why they’re called hoptimist’s! 7: Coffe maker in copper from Bodum. Comes in different sizes. 8: PH 3½-2½ table lamp from Louise Poulsen. This is not really nice of me because this is a limited edition lamp that is no longer for sale, so sorry about that! It is lovely though… 9: CHUNK candle holder in marble and copper from Menu, designed by Andreas Engesvik. Comes in different sizes.

Copper and marble are my favorite materials at the moment, and since they have been on trend for some time it’s a lot to chose from! In my experience it does not have to cost a lot but it certainly can. Above you see a few of my favorites but there are so much more out there! As you might have noticed all of the marble in this post is white. That’s just because I have a lot of walnut furniture and stuff which is dark so I need to lighten it up a bit, but I do really love black and green marble too! And if you are not as big a fan of copper as I am you can find a lot of stuff in brass right now as well, if that is more your thing! You can get almost anything in copper or marble, like clocks, planters, tables and kitchen appliances just to name a few. You can also find marble or copper foil in craft stores so you can cover more or less anything!

Hope you enjoyed, have a good day!

Bring on the fat!

In a previous post I mentioned an artist named Mike Mitchell and among other his Fat Birds of America print series which we collect. In more resent times he has come out with two new fat print series, the Fat Friend series and the Fat StripedSkunkKingdom series. The Fat Friends are portraits of fat pets and the Fat Kingdom prints are of fat wild animals. Both series are in a bigger format than the fat birds, 11×14″ against the birds 8×10″. Because of wall space issues I decided I could not start collecting two new series at this time so I went for the Fat Kingdom series but since they are in the same size you could always mix them up a bit if you have some favorites! To the left you see a picture of the Fat Striped Scunk :)

The only problem I have with this series is that some are vertical and some are horizontal which just don’t make any sense to me, so I only buy those who are vertical. On the plus side these are not as popular as the Fat Birds so they are possible to get straight from the artist at a reasonable prize and not from someone on ebay. You can actually still get the Red Panda here at this very moment for $50! I have all of mine, birds and beasts, in oak frames which I think looks pretty damn good!

Have a great day people!

It’s about to get personal!

So, I have not been blogging for a long time but I’m thinking about starting up again. To explain my self a bit I have to get personal even though this is not a personal type of blog, so just bear with me for a second or skip this post if you wan’t, no one will judge you for it!

I stopped blogging after I got sick in a painful but non lethal kind of way and had to give up my studies in industrial design. This kind of killed my creative vibe and it has taken a while to get it back. I had to find a new way in life and after some time I desided to try out occupational therapy which I am now studying, starting my second year in a few weeks, and I love it! So now that I feel like I’m back on track I’ll try to start this up again!

The blog will still be pretty much the same as my interests are mostly the same, but you might find some hints of OT every now and again in my randomness!

Hope you have been well!


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